Bogdan has Quit! (7th Circle Tattoo & Piercing studio update)

Well this is definitely something I never thought I’d be writing about and it really was not on my bingo card for 2024! But here we are, just like the title says, Bogdan has quit.

Well Bogdan was finally back in the studio this week after spending a whole month away dealing with a family emergency back in Poland. However, a couple of days before Christmas Bogdan let me know that he had decided the time was right and he had already quit without telling me; he had quit smoking! Finally! 

So yeah I’m really proud of Bogdan for quitting smoking, sorry for the misleading intro (well not really cause it got you to read). But the real big news is that Bogdan is finally back in Oldham and back in the studio and that means he’s available for Piercings and Tattoos and with no smoke breaks he’ll be able to fit more into his day. If you’re reading this as one of the many many people that we unfortunately couldn’t accommodate for Piercings or Tattoos throughout December this is your heads up to get in touch, book that piercing that you’ve been thinking about, come see us to discuss your tattoo ideas or just stop by the studio to say hello next time you’re in Oldham. 

Thank you for reading all of this and not just the title 😅 please share this blog with your friends and family so they can be surprised by the

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  • Well done for quiting smoking . Hope all at 7th circle have a healthy,happy new year xxx


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